A Travel Guide for Gun Owners

I travel a lot to teach gun and archery classes, present seminars, and a host of other reasons. When I hop in the truck and head to an event, I get to see more of the country than from an airplane. I also work on my own schedule, stopping for breaks when I want. Whether it’s via airplane or vehicle, personal protection is a concern when I’m traveling. That’s one reason to have a concealed carry permit. Now I also have a travel guide that’s designed just for gun owners like me.

Legal Boundaries State By State – The Travel Guide for American Gun Owners is a handy book that allows me to look up logistics and legalities of concealed carry from state to state. It has an alphabetical layout with sections indicating key legal points in each state. Additionally, it has tutorials, guides and articles to help answer some of our questions.

For example, I recently drove to San Antonio, Tx. where I attended the NRA Women’s Summit. Since I live in Colorado, I drove from Colorado through New Mexico and into Texas. Before I left I thumbed through the book an looked at our laws in Colorado, just to test myself and see if I knew the current rules: Open carry – check (I knew that one). Firearms at schools – check (I knew that one). Firearms at churches – check (I knew that one).

After reviewing my states list I moved to New Mexico, then Texas to look at the Duty to Notify Law Enforcement rule, magazine capacity rule, Firearms at hotels, and other rules. The process is quick and easy.

If you’re a gun owner with a concealed carry permit, I’d highly recommend checking out this book. This issue has a publish date of May, 2019. Jacob Paulson, the owner of ConcealedCarry.com, is who published and sent the book. He says the publication will be updated approximately every six months.

Never use a book as a replacement for legal advice. While Paulson will strive to keep the information current, we as the gun owners are ultimately responsible for our actions.

Legal Boundaries State By State – The Travel Guide for American Gun Owners is available via this affiliate link – CLICK HERE.

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  1. Great post! I have a Utah license that is reciprocal with all but I think 5 states, but you need to know how each state regulates – This sounds like a great resouirce.

  2. Yes. It’s great to know what the rules are in the other states, not just that we can carry there. I’m happy to have this resource.

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