Mule Deer Bucks – Patience Leads to Hunting Success

One of my favorite hunts is that of the “Gray Ghost,” more commonly known as the mule deer. I have memories of these elusive kings since the early days of my childhood. The big deer put lots of steaks in the freezer, and make tasty jerky or summer sausage. Finding an old guy sometimes offers a challenge, but if you’re persistent, you’ll reap the rewards. Here’s a story of a good friend’s first mule deer buck. ~Mia

Fourth rifle season ushers in a hunter looking for his first hunter mule deer buck. Our friends headed out opening day with grandiose hopes in their minds. Then concluded the day with only a plethora of does (the female deer kind) crossing their path and not a single buck. On day two the guys decided to try another valley and then the next day another. We all know, where there are does, there must be bucks. The boys hunted on.



Fourth season is only five days and the pair watched the time dwindle, and the does dance, before their eyes. The two didn’t despair. We all know, where there are does, there must be bucks. The boys hunted on.


The pair saw more does and more does. They hiked and glassed and finally saw some immature, small bucks. They didn’t see what they were looking for. After lunch, they headed back down a ridge and spied large buck tracks, in the snow, crossing their foot tracks. They laughed at how smart the deer are but also knew they could outsmart that gray ghost.

Horseback hunt


He immediately dismounted from his horse and took a look through his own binoculars.There at the edge of the field was a great buck! He unsheathed his gun and slowly lay on the ground. The horses watched in anticipation. They’d been through this scenario before. They knew what the rifle meant.

Suddenly the shot rang out. The horses flinched but stood still. The buck had been hit good but it leaped and ran into the brush.

The two friends were not anxious. They both knew the shot had hit its mark. They tended to their horses, grabbed their packs and donned additional layers. It was close to dark and time for some work to be done. After a short search, they located the prize.

It’s his first mule deer and it what a great buck it is!

Wolf Creek Outfitters hunter travis on first mule deer hunt

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