Why You Need to Hunt Waterfowl in the Rice Fields

Many friends are counting the days until hunting season, but are they anticipating antelope, deer, elk, bear, dove, or one of my favorites, duck hunting?! I’ve spent the past few days in hot pursuit of those tasty speed goats out on the eastern plains of Colorado. That hunt is always short because it’s immediately followed by those mentioned above and one I’ll tell you more about below.

7 Reasons to Hunt Rice Fields for Ducks

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 12.50.38 PMLast year I passed up my annual Louisiana waterfowl hunt to join Beretta and Sako on an epic journey to Finland and Russia. While that trip has trumped all other birthday events, I have fond memories of cutting birds from the Southern skies on the date of my birth celebration.

For multiple years I headed south to the warmer, humid temperatures to take aim at the mini-F14-like Blue Winged Teal. If you haven’t partaken in the hunt, I must warn you that it’s an addicting one. While I’m not a fantastic shot at the zinging orange clay targets at the range, I’ve become quite proficient at blasting the little speed demons from the sky. … Read More

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