What Every Coloradan Should Know About Wildlife

The human population is enamored by wild animals. We are fascinated by them. We love them. We attempt to empathize with them. We ultimately want to take care of them. That is why it’s so important for everyone to take note of what’s being said in the article below.

It’s been said thousands of times and for some reason, people still don’t get it. Grab your coffee, tea, or kombucha (or whatever your drink of choice happens to be), sit down and read what you need to know about wild animals.

Colorado Outdoors Online

many officers moose eyes covered CPW wildlife managers prepare to relocate a moose from a yard in Arvada. Photo by CPW.

Colorado boasts one of the most diverse and abundant wildlife populations in the world. The enormous variety of wildlife is one of the primary reasons Colorado is such a great place to live and recreate. However, with the state’s burgeoning population, managing wildlife and mitigating human-wildlife conflicts is an ever-growing challenge for Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s (CPW) state wildlife managers.

CPW’s wildlife managers have a diverse, demanding and difficult job. When they’re not enforcing fish and game laws, patrolling remote state lands or conducting fish and wildlife research, wildlife managers are active in their local neighborhoods and communities, educating residents on how to safely coexist with wild animals. And, if something goes wrong, they must act quickly and decisively to ensure public safety in dangerous situations.

In this Colorado Outdoors Online blog post, CPW’s…

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