Eagle & Coyote Fight Over Prairie Dog

Do you ever simply slow down to look at the world God created? It is truly amazing what is out there. Stop and smell the roses, or look at the wildlife, some time.

I often get the opportunity to witness amazing wildlife events. This one was awe-inspiring so I thought I would share it. I hope you enjoy it one as much as I did.

Yesterday I stopped to watch a coyote as he hunted his breakfast. I thought I might like to take a picture of his stalk. Just as I retrieved my camera, he snatched the small animal and ran. I was happy to be getting footage of a coyote running with his meal in his mouth when someone else flew into the picture.

A bald eagle.

It was truly amazing and reminded me of the Wild America shows I watched as a child. Also, eagles always remind me of my Dad and it happens to be the anniversary of his passing. I was elated to see the two interact. Just when I thought nothing could be added, a Golden Eagle stopped to join the Bald Eagle for some morning sunshine.

Thanks, Dad!

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Coyote carrying prairie dog

3 Replies to “Eagle & Coyote Fight Over Prairie Dog”

  1. I’m certain they fight over breakfast on a daily basis. It is amazing to see. I once saw a golden eagle dive-bombing a big horn sheep on the side of a cliff… VERY COOL! Unfortunately, I had no video camera. There is lots of awesmeness if you just stop & look.

  2. Beautiful and what a day to see such. Dad was truly there as he always watching over you.
    Bless you Mia, Lu Ann

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