Mia’s Take – Swarovski Optik BTX Eyepiece Module

My friends at Swarovski Optik lent me the BRAND NEW BTX Eyepiece Module for the spotting scope. I immediately fell in love with it. The module attaches to the objective/body I already have. All I had to do is detach the ALX piece I currently have and lock the BTX on.

This is perfect for #MeandMyHunt!

The BTX has two ocular lenses so you can glass for long periods without squinting or drying our both eyes. There is a brow piece, which is adjustable, where you can rest your forehead as you scan for long periods. I also like the attached aiming device. You can align it with your subject and then look through the lenses and view right where you’ve aimed.
The BTX is available for preorders now. MSRP $2,988.

I currently have the ATX eyepiece module. It’s a single lens ocular piece, which attaches to the 65, 85, or 95mm objective lens, just as the BTX does.

I’m hoping to own the BTX sometime in the near future and am happy to learn that not only does the objective lens I already have fit, but also some accessories I have fit as well. I enjoy digiscoping with Swarovski’s PA-i6s adapter for iPhone®* 6s, and it fits perfectly on the BTX’s eyepieces.

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Swarovski Optik BTX
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