Mia Anstine included on Black Man with a Gun Radio

Beautiful women and guns on Black Man with a Gun RadioDurango, CO – Mia Anstine, co-owner of Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc, is featured on Black Man with a Gun radio podcast. Podcast: Play  | Download

Anstine joined host Rev. Kenn Blanchard, along with Fate of Detsinee and Lil Chantilly, for episode 364 to discuss “Beautiful Women and Guns”. Blanchard posed the question as to how men can maintain their composure, give compliments, without stepping over boundaries and spewing offensive remarks.

Blanchard’s Question of the Week:

In this testosterone laden sport, we men, occasionally say stupid stuff to you (women). Some creep you out. How do you feel about it? How do you deal with it? When is it too much? What would you tell the guys listening or reading if they wanted to do better and not be “Sketchy Jeff”?

Blanchard’s goal with the interview of Anstine, Fate of Destinee and Chantilly was to give men some insight. He asked the ladies how they handle remarks that may cross the line and what men may do to keep on their side of it. The show was created in hopes of helping men not creep out women.

Each week Blanchard shares current issues and a bit of history with his listeners. Topics range from challenges he has faced as a black man (or women face) with a gun to those face by each and every gun-owner in our country. Have a listen and subscribe here:

Podcast: Play  | Download


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