First Lite Unveils New Cipher Camouflage Pattern

Same Science, New Pattern: First Lite Unveils New Cipher Camouflage Pattern

logo_firstlite_header_camoDallas, Texas (Jan 5, 2017) – First Lite Performance Hunting debuted its new Cipher camouflage pattern at the Dallas Safari Club Convention, unveiling their highly anticipated addition to the technical apparel brand’s arsenal of camouflage and solid color options.  Utilizing the nature based algorithms that have propelled Fusion to popularity, Cipher incorporates the scientific backbone of Fusion into a lighter color palette for hunters who understand Fusion’s effectiveness but simply want an option with lighter colors and tones.

uncompahgre-pant_cipherFirst Lite’s popular Fusion pattern was launched in September of 2015 and instantly became a success, due to the pattern’s ability to provide a sense of depth almost anywhere in the field and in part to its visual appeal.  The DNA of the First Lite family of patterns is derived from the Golden Ratio, otherwise known as the reoccurrence of particular shapes and colors found throughout the natural world. By adhering to this nature-based algorithm and incorporating the perfect ratio of light and dark colors, Fusion and Cipher promote the negative space created by large and small-scale breakup instead of the blob effect found in most patterns.

“We see Cipher as the best possible compliment to one of the most effective patterns on the market in Fusion,” said First Lite founder and co-CEO Kenton Carruth.  “The key is our patterns’ ability to work at any distance—‘color blobbing’ has always been the biggest hurtle in traditional camouflage patterns.  Most patterns appear as a dark blob of color outside of ten yards.  Cipher and Fusion incorporate enough visually disruptive qualities to give both the bow hunter and rifle hunter an advantage at close and long range.  We wanted to give the hunter a choice of proven, highly effective patterns and we feel we’ve achieved that by offering Fusion, ASAT and now Cipher.”

Cipher will be available throughout the First Lite product line beginning with existing product late February of 2017.  New 2017 styles will be available in Cipher, Fusion and solid color options late spring.

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