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A Favorite – the Turas

My favorite shirt!The other day I noticed a shirt.  I was looking at photos and there it was again and again.  It is in the photos from the NWTF ladies shoot.  It is in fly fishing photos.  It is in county fair photos.  It’s in stories about me and the Little Gal.  It’s in family bar-b-que photos and it is in various other photos.  It is a shirt that maybe has never made it to the closet.    It gets worn and then thrown into the dirty clothes basket and washed again.  It’s the same story.  Over and over, again and again.  It has to be called my favorite.

The favorite is my Prois Turas long sleeve.  This shirt is so comfortable that I would like to wear it every day.  It is light and form-fitting.  It is obviously durable since it is worn and washed nearly every other day.  It is made of a “wicking” polyester fabric.  It wicks moisture away from my body and has never been wrinkled.  It’s ideal to wear while you are training for hunting season.  I wear it for brisk morning runs and never get too hot or too cold.  I have even worn it in the middle of the summer horseback riding and fishing.  It keeps the sun from burning my skin and is light enough that I don’t melt.

They say it was “created for your journey”.  I say it was created for my life which is always an adventure.  I wear it to run in, to hike in, to shoot in, to fish in, to layer when it’s hot or cold out.  I think if Prois made it in every color of the rainbow, I’d have to have one of each.  For now I have white, and I better get the navy and black on order asap.  So far, over 100 washings and it is still going strong.  I can no longer read the washing instructions, but I’m pretty sure it used to say “machine wash cold”.  If it didn’t, I guess you’ll  have to let me know when you get yours.

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