New Zealand Bull Tahr and Sako Rifle

Adventures of a New Zealand Bull Tahr Hunt


With just five days until departure to New Zealand, for a Bull Tahr hunt, a story appeared in my mailbox. It was from Midway USA’s Larry Potterfield. It seems he’s always out and about living my dream hunts and, here again, just days before I was to embark on a dream, he tells a story about his experience hunting chamois and tahr in New Zealand.

As I read his tale, it sounded as though the hunt would be so easy – “Cake”. One would think that would make me excited, but it actually made me a bit nervous. It could be that it was nervous excitement, but I was nervous nonetheless.

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I thought, “Could it really be that easy?” I learned that, for a price, it could. I truly enjoy “the hunt”, and it was my dream to enjoy the vast country. I opted for the less expensive package and was dropped off, with my guide and family, in the valley each day for a spot and stalk hunt for a mature bull tahr.

About the bull tahr

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