DC Project to Announce 2020 Strategy at #SHOTShow

Female 2A Advocacy on Behalf of American Gun Owners

“Mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 21 at noon,” announces DC Project founder, Dianna Muller. The Press Conference will take place in the San Polo room #3401 at the Venetian, Level 3. “You’ll be the first in the nation to learn about our expansion at the state level where we counter the voices of well-funded organizations and anti-gun groups like Moms Demand Action,” she said. “We’ll also share an overview of the DC Project, how our group strives to preserve the Second Amendment from further infringement, plans for a new 501c3 to complement our existing 501c4, and a recap of our efforts from 2019.”

The DC Project is an educational, nonpartisan initiative that brings 50 women, one from every state, to Washington, D.C., to establish relationships with their legislators and reveal the faces and stories of firearms owners and Second Amendment supporters. The mission of the DC Project is to foster education and nonpartisan advocacy of the Second Amendment.

  • WHAT: The DC Project press conference will provide background and history about the foundation and explain how the group fights to preserve the Second Amendment. Meet the women of the shooting industry who are DC Project delegates and learn how they reach across partisan lines to encourage #educationoverlegislation while preserving gun rights as women’s rights. Be first in the national media to learn about the expansion of the DC Project to all 50 state capitols, and how that will help neutralize and oppose gun control voices. Hear about the new 501c3 designed to encourage fundraising.
  • WHO: Dianna Muller, DC Project Founder
  • WHERE: The Venetian, San Polo room #3401
  • WHEN: 12 p.m. PST

“In the wake of the Virginia election and continued anti-gun legislation proposals, it’s more important than ever that our shooting sports community get engaged,” said Muller. “The women of the DC Project hope to inspire gun owners across the country with our calm and honest messaging. We are ready, willing, and able to be a positive voice for our community and will continue to deliver the powerful message that ‘Mom’s Demand’ doesn’t speak for all women, especially in these days of hyper-feminism.”

“As important members of the press, we need YOUR help to continue promoting the myriad of positive efforts the shooting sports industry supports,” Muller said. “YOUR coverage will help us carry our message and bring more visibility to our pro-2A battle.”

According to Muller, the women of the DC Project are #doingsomething at the highest levels of our government. “Join us at the press conference where we’ll explain how testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee and multiple appearances on major news networks are fueling our fire.”

“On Thursday during SHOT Show at 2 p.m., don’t miss our ‘sea of teal.’ Hundreds of women wearing teal-colored DC Project shirts will be at the Fiocchi booth #11955 for an exciting photo to #turnSHOTteal and accompany our energetic voice. Support us by being there to witness our movement and share those images far and wide,” said Muller.

To learn more about the DC Project, please visit www.dcproject.info. Follow the DC Project women on Facebook at facebook.com/thedcproject/, Instagram at dc_projectfoundation, and YouTube at youtube.com/dcproject.

The DC Project is a non-partisan, educational initiative for gun rights featuring women from across the U.S. Visit our website. Please follow, subscribe, and share our message!

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