A Sportfishing Adventure by Mia & the Little Gal

I just re-read this post and had such fond memories that I am longing to go again!
A new Mia and the Little Gal adventure is posted over at the Women’s Outdoor News. You’ve got to read it and share our adventure.
Click HERE to read our story.WON Mia Little Gal sport fishing Puerto Vallarta Mexico Jack Crevalle

Mia & the Little Gal: Our first south-of-the-border sport-fishing adventure in Mexico

Is there something about fun that entails work and waking up before the sun? In the life of Mia and the Little Gal (LG), it sure seems to be the case. Whether we are hunting or fishing, we do believe in the saying, “The early bird gets the worm.” This early-morning adventure was a first for myself and LG. We were super excited because Hank was taking us sport fishing.

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