They’re Taking Our Guns – Do Something About it

It’s a common phrase in our industry lately, “They’re trying to take our guns.” Just about everyone is on social media nowadays, and those who aren’t are at least on smartphones following the insane politics in the United States. This week, I’ve been having technical issues with my computer (Yes. It’s a Mac), but the little news I’ve seen shows this post about Apple taking away the realistic looking gun (pistol) emoji and replacing it with a squirt gun.


People are screaming about it on all social media outlets. So, I see these posts, and you probably see them too. My question is, what are you doing about it?

My suggestion is that YOU need to start speaking up. Reach out, in this case to Apple. Here is a link to their press release regarding their emoji changes –  . It includes their contact information. How about letting them know how you feel.

In the instance of real-life firearms grabs, YOU need to reach out to your local legislators. Do you know how to contact them? You can find information on that by clicking here.

“Spend more time with your family and friends, whether it be outside, hunting, at the shooting range, or around the table savoring all life has to offer.”

It is, of course, nice that everyone is sharing news on social media. These are great outlets to keep in touch with our friends and also let them know what’s going on, but we all need to do more. We need to make sure the right people hear our voices.

The Presidential election is the highlight of the news, and of course, it’s very important. Something even more important is what’s close to home. If firearms are your passion, they’re close to home you need to contact your local governors, senators, representatives and other officials. Let them know how you feel and why.

In the case of Apple, I informed them of my thoughts. Remember, I’ve been having technical issues with my computer. I used to love the products offered by Apple, but with continued technical trouble, I’m beginning to see “the other side”. Now, instead of upping their technology game, they see it fitting to change an image of realistic thing into a toy

I am a certified firearms instructor, mom, and mentor. The number one thing educated people know is that guns are not toys, so why would Apple present a gun as a toy, and not at least give the option of the symbol of a realistic item? If Apple’s worried about offending people, THEY HAVE.

I’m offended that Apple has not taken the time to educate themselves. I’d like their crew to come take shooting classes and learn about that which they don’t understand. What I would like even more is that Apple PLEASE START IMPROVING THE TECHNOLOGY IN THEIR PRODUCTS.

On that note, please start having your voice heard. I’m headed back to finish restoring my MacBook, made by Apple, which has taken a emoji-poop.

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