A great day of bow fishing and a new huntress added

We left in the late morning with a friend and his wife. We set out for a day of bow fishing at the lake. As we floated away from the marina, I gave our friend a bow and explained the jug and reel to him. (read about his day here) The wife examined the arrow and said, “You mean you really shoot a fish with this?!” I let out a laugh and said, “YEP!”

She looked at me wide-eyed and said, “That was an evil, fun laugh.”

I gave my regular voluminous, contagious laugh and shrugged as we made it to clear water and put the hammer down, heading to a fishing spot.

As we watched her husband fish, I explained how he was shooting and why his arrow was going above or below the fish he was shooting at. I showed her the reel and mechanisms so she would be ready when her turn came. She had been practicing with my old compound bow for a couple of months, so she’s pretty good at a target on land. Now was her chance to test her skills on a live, moving target and a target underwater. She kept her eye on her husband as he fished. She was studying so she’d be ready when it was her turn.

After numerous tries, the husband got him a fish, and then it was the wife’s turn. We perched her at the bow of the boat and trolled. Immediately we saw a carp finning. She lifted her bow and began to draw, and as quickly as we saw that carp, it was gone, deep in the darkness of the lake water.

Not to fear. She was ready again and, 30 yards ahead, spotted another. She drew, shot, and nailed that carp!

What?! Huh?! On her first bow fishing trip ever, and her FIRST try?! She had never even hunted an animal!

She let out an “evil laugh, ” and I screamed, “HAH!!!! THERE’S THE EVIL LAUGH!”

We jumped up and down and cheered as I drew her fish in. Her husband stood in awe at the back of the boat, with his jaw nearly to the ground. He, an accomplished elk hunter, had just been shown up at bow fishing by his sweet little wife.

I love it!!!

Bow huntress arrows a carp bowfishing
A happy fish kiss after arrowing her first carp!

We carried on our day, and she got another fish. It is so much fun to get ladies into the outdoors, and this outdoors lady just got into bow fishing!

Share the fun – It’s always an adventure!!!

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6 Replies to “A great day of bow fishing and a new huntress added”

  1. WONDERFUL!!! Another Dancing Arrow Diva is born! Every new bowfisher is also a new warrior in the conservation battle against the invasive carp – YAY you for taking the time to teach and yay for your friend stepping out and trying something new!

  2. I have read about bowfishing but never actually done it. Now I want to. In fact, my character is going to have a bowfishing scene in the next novel! Thanks for sharing Mia!

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