Live Rehearsal with Conceal Carry

Mia Anstine shooting instructorI was at my local gun store, and the clerk said their gun sales have been at a record high. He said that concealed carry is at the top of the customer’s wanted list. I hope carry & self-defense courses are at a high as well. It got me thinking about an event last month when the Little Gal and I were hunting.

I thought I would have to USE my CC (Conceal Carry) today. Are you, or husbands, are your wives prepared for an event like this? Have you taken courses, and are you practiced?

Here’s the situation:

The Little Gal and I had just returned from hunting. We were parked more than twenty miles from town on a busy highway in the mountains. We loaded the horses in the trailer and got into our truck.

The Little Gal and I sat in the truck for a minute to warm up. Then we saw an unmarked, white mini-van with no plates pull up and park in front of us. Two men sat in their vehicle and waited several minutes as a trooper ticketed someone else on the other side of the highway. After the trooper had pulled away, the men got out of the van and approached our truck.

I thought the situation was very strange, so I prepared.

I mentally rehearsed pulling my pistol.

Little Gal knew and, without me telling her, immediately locked her door. I took out my cell phone, and as they headed in our direction, I took a picture of them and their vehicle. I pressed send and texted just the pic to a police officer friend. LG asked me why I was doing that. I explained it probably wasn’t the best picture, but at least if something happened, someone would know who to look for.

The two made their way to my side of the truck. One man was on a cell phone, and the other waved hello. I cracked my window about an inch and asked what he needed.

The man said they had broken down and asked if I would drive them to town to get transmission fluid. I declined, lying to them that we were waiting for my husband and friend who was hunting, but told them I would call for help. I immediately pressed one button and phoned my officer friend on speed dial. I gave him a description and location. He immediately called dispatch to send an officer.

I told the strangers help was on the way.

The Little Gal and I waited as they walked back to their vehicle, and once they were in I put our truck in gear and left.

In the end, there was no immediate threat – the CC remained on my belt.

What would you do in this situation? Husbands, what would your wife do? Would your child know what to do?

Do you have a CC? Would you have mentally rehearsed using it if your or your daughter’s life were in danger? Would you have just brandished your pistol without cause? Would you have spoken to the men? Sped off? (We were in a one-ton truck with horses loaded in the trailer. Speeding off was not an option). Would you have taken their picture and texted it to someone?

Also, would you be prepared for the consequences if you had to use your CC?

I surprised myself at how calm I was. It is because I have rehearsed quite a bit. I have taken many pistol courses. I have practiced pulling my gun, and I am fully aware of the consequences of using it. I am prepared to protect myself and my Little Gal if our lives are threatened. How prepared are you and your family? How often do you practice? What courses have you taken?Pistol Practice

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6 Replies to “Live Rehearsal with Conceal Carry”

  1. Great advice and thanks for sharing that situation. I got my cc a little over a year ago. Hope I never have to use my handgun for self-defense, but it’s a peace of mind having. Like you said, practice and rehearsal are so important.

  2. What an excellent post Mia, so glad everything worked out well. Those types of scenarios can be very scary and I’m very impressed with you thinking to take a picture. Some other things to consider. Don’t roll down the window, even an inch. It takes little effort to pull a window down if you can get your fingers in so it’s better to just shout through the window. When my wife goes out to her car at night she calls me and I listen while she walks out. If something scary happens she can describe everything she sees like license plates, physical descriptions, etc. A picture is great unless it is early morning or at night.

    Law enforcement officers mentally rehearse all kinds of scenarios every day. It’s great practice. “What would I do if X happened?” “What if this happened?” etc. Half the battle is being mentally prepared (as much as possible anyway) so your advice is great. Little Gal seemed prepared too which tells me you talk to her about safety which is key. I think people should practice drawing every day (different clothing, manner of dress, different conditions, etc.). God forbid you ever have to pull it the more you practice the smoother and quicker you’ll be which may make all the difference. Thanks for sharing this story.

  3. Tom, You are always a plethora of real life advice. There are so many ways this scene could have gone. We were fortunate in this situation. I just wonder, how many other ladies, or even men, rehearse?

  4. Good one, I don’t have a CC and guess I should. But I really never stop for anyone and haven’t had anyone walk up on me, plus I don’t have a cell but do have On Star and I guess I would use that. At home I do not open the door at night and if they want to use the phone I ask for the number and don’t let them in the house. So far so good. Maybe my new pup will work as a deterent.

  5. Mia … I have taken a short course and have practice some. I have a Kimber Solo Carry which I find difficult to be accurate with, but I realize it’s meant to be used at short distances.

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