Shed Hunting Basics

It’s shed hunting time again! If you aren’t already out there scavenging for antlers, many will be soon. Before you hit the trail to look for the brown and gold treasures, take a second to check your knowledge.

Bone Hunting

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It’s that time of year! The weather is getting warmer, snow is melting, and hunters are preparing for spring turkey hunting. Part of this is deciding which gun, choke and shotgun shell you will use. Another part of this involves scouting and locating turkey habitat. Springtime is a when we head out to look for those gobblers for upcoming seasons. While we’re out there, we can seize the opportunity to teach our young ones about wildlife and the outdoors. It’s also the time when bucks and bulls lose their antlers. This is a perfect time to drag our families, young and old, along to do another type of hunting: shed hunting!

Antlers vs Horns at Beretta BlogShed hunting is an activity that gets us away from the TV and outside to enjoy God’s creations. It is quite similar to the Easter egg hunts we had as kids. Regardless of your desire, or lack of, to hunt animals, anyone can enjoy it.

I often hear people say they are going “bone hunting” or “horn hunting.” Although some know that antlers are not horns or bones, others may not know this information.

What are Antlers?

Antlers are s… (CLICK HERE to read more)


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