WCO – Jicarilla Youth Horse Camp a Success


At Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc, WCO, the team aims to educate children in hunting, fishing, horses and the outdoors.  We strive to build their enthusiasm toward becoming more involved in outdoor activities.  There is no way an I-pod, cell phone, or computer can ever top a great experience in the outdoors.

July 7th and 8th, 2011 was a huge success for the WCO team as it sponsored and attended the Jicarilla Youth Horse camp in Dulce, NM.  The camp was attended by nearly 50 children including this year’s Little Beaver representative and the Rio Arriba Fair/Rodeo Princess.  WCO was happy to meet them and impressed as they showed off their horseback riding skills.  The team listened as the current Little Beaver, and a former Little Beaver representative spoke about what a great honor it was to be chosen and how wonderful it was to learn to connect and ride their horse bareback.

The elders who helped with the camp taught the kids the traditions from their past.  They put focus on the connection they have with the horse and emphasis the importance of it to their culture.  They went to great lengths to share their heritage with the next generation.

The kids and the WCO team learned Apache words related to horses and riding.  The WCO team came home with words like “tashunke” – horse, “nashishe” – pad, and “shinte” – tail. It was a great experience to learn bits and pieces of a culture and language that is so close to home.  The WCO team was greatly impressed by the stations set up and how the group taught history, leadership, and connection to the children.  After they learned so many great things, they were excited to enjoy a horseback ride.

WCO allowed the kids to ride a horse after they learned a lot about them. We are happy and proud to be a part of such an impressive opportunity for the kids.

Kids were so excited after learning a bit of language to come and ride the horses.
Kids were so excited to learn the horse’s importance and the opportunity to ride them.
There is no way and I-pod, cell phone or computer can ever top a great experience in the outdoos.
There is no way an I-pod, cell phone or computer can ever top a great experience in the outdoors.
One group of kids that were exstatic to get a chance to ride a horse.

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  1. Thanks, for helping Horse Camp was great. I have a meeting today to plan or next horse expo.
    Thanks agian,

  2. This sounds like a great adventure for a great cause! When we bring people out on our horseback riding trips, we always encourage parents to get their kids on the horses. Nothing like inspiring the young ones to love the outdoors as much as we do!

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