Finland and Russia with Beretta and Sako | Mia’s Motivations

I tend to say, “It’s always an adventure” and this series, which takes me to Finland then Russia with my friends at Beretta to meet those at Sako, upholds that sentiment. Getting out of our boxes and exploring is a key to life. It helps us learn, grow and connect with others. Plus, hunting in new places might put food on the table, but it’ll undoubtedly make us better hunters. Subscribe to follow along as I head across the ocean, to experience other cultures, try new guns and hunt in a country I’d never imagined possible. ~Mia

Russian Hunt with Beretta and Sako


I received the invite to join a group of notable writers, along with Beretta, to the Sako plant in Finland. This adventure will be a memorable experience. I have to share it with you each step of the way.

To begin with, the process of getting to Finland is a relatively easy undertaking, but the Sako group had greater visions for the experience. After we learn about the company and tour the facility, we would be pressing on to hunt in Russia.

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