WCO Hosts 5th Annual Special Needs Ride


Thursday, July 14, 2011, Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc. (WCO) hosted the special needs children of Pagosa Springs for the fifth annual special needs horseback ride.  Each year our team gives the kids the opportunity to watch, pet and if they desire, ride a horse.  This is a day the WCO team looks forward to each year.

This year’s horseback ride was attended by fourteen children, their instructors, and a couple of parents.  The morning began with greetings and instructions followed by meeting the horses.  Many children have been to this event and are comfortable around the horses.  Others take a little warming up and then they are off on a ride before you know it.  Enthusiasm exuded from the children as they spent the morning with giant smiles on their faces.

Special needs group excited after day of riding horses.

The children took short rides around the arena and, if they were up to it, got to go out on the trail.  It is the 5th year, and one attendee still has yet to gain the courage to climb atop a horse.  He loves them so much and enjoys coming to see them.  He tries to gain courage each time and then opts to help out each by leading a horse.

The team braces a wheelchair-bound friend as he enjoys riding around the arena.  It is not only fantastic for the rider but also rewarding for the proud helper.

Special needs children interact with horses

Hank thanks him for his help.  It is a pleasure to have him involved as always.

Hank thanks an attendee for his help with the special needs horseback ride.

Another child and his mother attended the event.  Both are deaf and had a fantastic time interacting with the horses.  The boy uses sign language to communicate.  They were ecstatic to get to ride Huckleberry.

Yet another boy wants to help as well as ride.  The team dubbed him the ranch hand for the day.  He was up and ready to help out with everything.  He was even excited to hop on Jake the mule to go for ride!

Special needs attendee rides Jake the mule.

At WCO we are honored to be a part of such a great event.  It is so rewarding to meet these great kids and to see them come back again and again each year.  The horses love them as well and we are so proud to have such a great team of horses that take care of this precious cargo as they head out on the trail.

The group of children at the special needs event head out on the trail.

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  1. Great, the kids look like they are having a super time. Bless you all for doing it.

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