You Need These for a Picnic in the Mountains

I just learned that it’s National Picnic Day! That means we need to get outside! While I’m not specifically in a position to head out and picnic today, I do enjoy partaking in outdoor meals quite often. Mind you; I don’t mean that I eat out on the deck. I mean that I pack a lunch, aka. picnic, and eat in the mountains all the time. Today I’ll share a few items that make the event enjoyable.

I’ll start by saying that I generally allow my trusty steed, Cowboy, to carry my snacks in his saddlebags. Because of this, I might carry more than I would in my ALPS Outdoorz Huntress backpack. Yep. When someone else is carrying your gear, you tend to pack more. However, I must mention that he never complains because I always make room for a Peanut Butter granola bar to share with him.


Regardless of who happens to be carrying your gear, a picnic in the mountains is always at the heart of any favorite meal. Let me tell you about the set up for one of my favorites, and I hope you’ll tell me some of your faves in the comments below.

Peanut butter and jelly is a staple for a mid-day snack. Other items I love to have at 12,000′ include Chicken N’ Biscuit crackers with smoked oysters. Boy! Is that some good living when you’re way up there in the sky. H likes to carry a small bottle of yellow mustard, a hunk of cheese, and bear salami. This too we have enjoyed in the skies above the rest of the world.

When you have thin, clean air, a cool breeze, after a long hike, these flavorful snacks seem like heaven.

The picnics happen more often when you happen to be out on a multi-day excursion. I love to pack mini-tortillas and a Mountain House’s Chicken Fajita pouch. Mmmhmm! That stuff is divine. To make cooking easier, always pack a JetBoil or similar cooking device. Neither takes up much weight or room in your backpack, but boy are they pick-me-ups when you’re in the mountains.


Speaking of another thing that makes a picnic with a view even better, have you ever tried the Mountain House desserts? Again — YUM! I like the cheesecake bites and have had some youngsters on trips that enjoyed the ice cream, but the very best (which is saved for success day) is the Raspberry Crumble.

There you have it. From pb&j and granola bars — to goodness on crackers — to divine dehydrated meals that will last in your pack, you too can enjoy a picnic in the mountains.

— OH WAIT! I didn’t tell you about drinks! Hydration is key, so you must remember to drink lots of fluids. Water filtration is important. You can use that JetBoil to boil water or you can carry filtration bottles or LifeStraws.

I use filtration bottles because you never know when you won’t find a stream in which to dip that straw. When it comes to calculating weight, one bottle full is definitely doable. If you happen to be out for just a day, a Hydro flask will work. If you don’t like the flavor of plain water, add some Hydrate and Recover or a drop of Mio to enhance the flavor and give your body much-needed nourishment.

It’s beautiful in our neck of the woods, but I know in many parts of the country, winter is still looming. I hope you get to get outdoors for a picnic soon. What are some or your picnic favorites?

*I am not sponsored by any of the companies or products I’ve mentioned today. I wanted to give you a peek into some of the things that make me smile when I picnic on a hunt or pack trip in the high country. — Enjoy!


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  1. Yup, filtration bottles are way better than life straws.
    Now I’ve got to go find those cheesecake bites!

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