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I am always encouraging ladies to get outdoors.  Ladies, if you have the chance, find an event and go.  It doesn’t matter if you know someone or not.  You will have new friends by the time you leave.  Women In The Outdoors (WITO) events are always fun.  I am getting excited for one this coming weekend.  It is a  firearms safety and shooting course that the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) sponsors along with the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW).  DOW officers, police officers, and other volunteers offer their time to put on this event.  I went to last years and it was a lot of fun.  I, of course, met some new friends and connected with some old ones.  This year I’ve gotten a couple more friends to come with me and I know it will be another great time.

Last years course taught firearms safety and let us shoot many kinds of firearms as well as bows.   We were all divided into groups of 5 or 6 and delegated out to  go through 6 stations to learn about the different firearms as well as bows.  Then we got to shoot them.

My group began at the archery station. We were given instruction and some of the history and use of different types of bows as well as arrows. The instructors told us about the arrow shafts, fletchings and heads as well as why we use each type and so forth. Then we got to shoot at balloons and practice targets. I first shot a recurve bow. It is a traditional type bow with a long limbs and the tips of them curve away from the shooter. It also has a single string that is pulled to launch your arrow. After that, I shot a compound bow. That is a shorter, more compact bow that has cams and a string that runs a maze through the cams. It allows you to pull back  more weight with less pressure yet when you let go it offers more energy behind your arrow. They did also have a long bow which is more traditional like the Indians used to have. I didn’t have a chance to shoot that one.

Next stations, .22 rifles and then .22 pistols.   At the pistol station we also got to try out a couple of .44’s and .45’s.   The weekend’s course would qualify us for our certificate to apply for a conceal carry permit so there was a lot of education at each stand.  We learned  a lot about the responsibility of owning or carrying a conceal carry weapon.  The instructor was great at instilling the responsibility of a conceal carry weapon.

After the rifle and pistol stations, our group headed over to the muzzle load tent.  Here we were taught how to load, fire and clean the rifle.  It was pretty cool because some of the ladies in my group had never shot firearms, and one in the group shot a bullseye on her first shot with the muzzle load.  It was great to see the excitement the group had for her!  She also showed some spirit and was a great sport as we had fun seeing who could shoot more clays at the shot-gun station.  She sure is a great shot and I am pretty sure she’ll be shooting a gun again!  –Hooked!

Our group with a first time bulls-eye!
Our group with a first time bulls-eye!

The last station was one of the most exciting.  We shot the semi automatic AR-15 and then the biggie…  The 50 Cal… Oh yeah, a sniper rifle!  As we approached the tent, we could feel the air percussion blow us back when shots were fired.  A few ladies were worried about shooting such a large gun, but all lined up and gave it a try.

Mia Anstine shooting the .50 Cal
Mia Anstine shooting the 50 Cal

Everyone left with a smile and new friends.  So if you have a chance, don’t pass it up.  Get out and join other ladies in the outdoors.

It’s always an adventure!

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