Shooting Safety – Nothing to joke about


I tend to be a jokester. I like to make light of a lot of things. However, the people who are close to me know very well there are things I do NOT joke about. One important one is shooting safety. I take the responsibility of being a gun owner very seriously.

A client was chatting with me about “what I do” and was intrigued that I write articles about hunting, shooting and outdoor adventures. He then joked that a mutual friend had told him that I call him (the friend) “drunk uncle” such & such in my hunting stories.


I froze in my tracks.

First of all, I don’t call him that and second of all DRINKING & FIREARMS DO NOT MIX.

I explained this safety rule to the client and he immediately went into a tirade about how he can’t stand alcohol.

Well now. Wait.

I don’t drink often and if I do, I don’t drink much. This is my personal choice. If a client, my friend, your friend or someone chooses to drink, that is their choice. All I ask of them is to be a responsible representative for the gun-owning community. (This is not intended to be an article about why or why not certain people should or shouldn’t drink. Let’s focus on safety with firearms)



DON’T DRINK BEFORE OR DURING SHOOTING OR HANDLING A FIREARM. If you want to chug a cold beer when you return from harvesting your big horn sheep at 13,000 feet. by all means, go ahead. Just make sure the firearms are unloaded and locked away in a safe place.


There are important safety rules that come with owning and handling firearms. I have learned them. I teach them. I practice them and every now and again I have to be reminded of them.

Here is another reminder for those who may have forgotten and for those who use them daily and may become laxidasical. Let’s all be good representatives!

NRA shooting safety rules

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    Be sure of your target and beyond. A rule most people need to remember when hunting. I can attest to the fact that there are trigger itchy hunters out and about as I almost got shot myself a couple years ago when a stray bullet someone launched over a heard of elk hit a fence right in front of me and richochet right by my head.

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