Babes with Bullets Shooting Camp Steamboat Springs

Being a part of the WOMA is such a fantastic thing.  We are offered, and we share, so many opportunities through this organization.  Last fall I attended the annual WOMA retreat in Gunnison, Colorado.  It was a pleasure to meet some of my outstanding colleagues that make the WOMA happen.   I was invited to sign up for a shooting camp while I was at that retreat.  The camp is called Babes with Bullets and the director is the WOMA’s very own Deb Ferns. I enjoy shooting very much and had been wanting to work on my pistol shooting so I was interested right away.  I signed up for the pistol camp which was to be held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  I anxiously awaited spring time and camp.  It would be my chance to practice with my pistol as well as meet up with more WOMA members and also make new friends who may share the vision of the WOMA.

We received our camp updates from Kay Miculek.  She is head instructor at Babes with Bullets, as well as multi-time National and  World Champion.  Our latest update informed us that May is spring time in many parts of the country, but in Steamboat Springs,Colorado, the snow was still coming.    She was in touch with us with last minute reminders, preparations and housing information.  We were unable to get to Bear Mountain Ranch, where we were supposed to be staying, so Kay sent info with a new location to be called home for three days.   We made our trek to camp and I joined up with fellow WOMA members, Marsha Petrie Sue, Chris Quam, Lanny Barnes, Tracy Barnes, Anne Draper and Deb Ferns.

Due to the weather, the Babes with Bullets crew had to do a lot of improvising and they didn’t miss a step.  They made camp happen without a glitch and teh 20 ladies, including our WOMA members, were able to relax, have fun, and most importantly, learn a lot in just a few days.  We did quite a few dry fire drills with our pistols, learning to safely quick draw, raise, steady and shoot our pistols and then finally learning to shoot and reload while on the move.  It was so amazing to see ladies who had never touched a pistol quickly maneuver and shoot the various stages at the camp.

Despite the snow, rain, sleet and hail, the camp was outstanding and I would recommend it to any lady whether they are long time shooters or have never touched a firearm.  The instructors are athletes who hold multiple National and World titles and, despite their grandiose achievements, are very professional as well as extremely friendly.  The ladies at Babes with Bullets were fabulous.  We learned a lot and met and made new friends.  Thank you to the WOMA for giving us the opportunity to meet such outstanding women.

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