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We had been scouting for a few weeks and found our spot. We found a nice water hole that had some good bear tracks around it. We decided to set a game cam by the hole to see what may be coming and going without leaving our scent in the area each day. We checked it a couple of times the week before season. We found that at a couple of the spots were getting no hits even though there were fresh tracks around the pond. After a couple of tries, we finally found a good spot and were getting some action. Mostly cattle, but at least the camera was working.

We checked the camera and water hole one last time the day before opener. That morning on our way up we found a HUGE bear track. It was fresh, fresh in the mud ahead of us.

Nice big bear track.

We were surely following it up the trail. Mind you, this was the day before season! We proceeded with caution. We quite a few more tracks through out the morning and we are sure we are looking at about 9 different sets of tracks from bears.

When we arrived at the camera, it was pointing directly at the ground. Something had tried to pull it from the tree. We were excited with anticipation and quickly pulled the card to see what we had captured. Sure enough, all we saw was bear fur! Just the top of the bears head and an ear.

Top of bears head and ear

We have a picture of the top of his head and what we think is his furry side. We were excited! A super nice large track, and now a little sign of bear on our camera. We re-set it and snuck out, heading home filled with excitement for what the next day (opening morning) would bring.

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