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When we are out and about on our hunting adventures we find so many great things.  This Spring the Little Gal and I hunted for a tom turkey.  I am so happy to be able to share the outdoors with her and I am so happy that she is understanding our connection to it.  We never did find her a tom.  We did find so many other amazing things in the outdoors.

One evening we sat behind a fallen tree which we used as a blind.  As we sat there and waited, and waited, and waited, we saw things come and go.  Above us, a beautiful Red Tailed Hawk.

Red Tail
Red tail catching the currents in the beautiful blue sky.

The red tail circled above us and caught the currents.  It ducked and glided and sailed with out flapping a wing.  It is amazing how magnificent a bird can be.  There were occasional shrieks from him.   The Little Gal and I sat crouched down and whispered about what we thought he may be saying.

With each shriek from that beautiful bird another thought came to mind.  Is he mad?  We decided he was not.  Is he shouting warnings to the other animals in the forest?  The Little Gal decided that could be a possibility since our turkeys were not presenting themselves yet.  We thought maybe he was yelling at us because we were interrupting his evening hunt.  If only we could hear his thoughts.  We sat and continued to wait for the turkeys.

It wasn’t long when we heard our turkeys heading toward us.  We could hear the tom gobble, and then we could hear the hens cluck.  They never did get close enough to present a shot.  We heard them turn and head up a hill before they ever presented themselves.  After we knew they were good and gone, we walked up to inspect.  The Little Gal found great tracks!   If she can’t find a bird, she always loves to see the tracks.

Turkey Tracks
The birds turned and headed up the hill.

The Little Gal is learning to study tracks.  She pointed out that this set of tracks was from a large bird.  A smaller bird would not have broken through the dirt like this one did.  We now knew that there indeed were turkeys in those woods even if we didn’t get a shot or a glimpse of them on this day.  We did however view the beautiful flight of that Red Tail Hawk.

Tomorrow would be another day with new sightings!

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