CPW approves changes to Colorado Big Game Hunting regulations

Archers may now use lighted nocks on arrows, which can help aid in recovery of game animals. New rules are also in place that allow recording devices to be mounted on a bow.

Learn to Bear Hunt

Several urban areas of western Colorado have become inundated with black bears so for some it may sound simple to harvest one. The fact of the matter is you can't just shoot a bear in your neighborhood to fill your hunting tag. It would not be safe or ethical to discharging a gun at a … Continue reading Learn to Bear Hunt

Hunting and why it’s NOT a wasted tag

Friends, and sometimes strangers, ask why I tend buy a license(tag) for any season I am allowed, even if I may only get one day to hunt. Sometimes the odds are against me that the tag will be filled, but I purchase one just in-case I get to go hunt that species. There is another … Continue reading Hunting and why it’s NOT a wasted tag

A sow leaves the pond with one cub in front of her.

Bear Hunting – Excitement in the Field | Mia’s Motivations

I'm getting excited for bear hunting. It is one of my favorite hunts... Wait, they're all my favorite right?! I love hunting, and I love the outdoors. With anticipation of the upcoming season I want to share one the MANY memorable encounters I've had with bears in the woods. What experiences have you had & what's on your … Continue reading Bear Hunting – Excitement in the Field | Mia’s Motivations

Preparing for a bear hunt

Many of us are preparing for our fall hunts. I am, the Little Gal is and so is the team at Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc., (WCO). This week we did some preparing with a new friend. We are proud to donate a hunt for one disabled hunter through Outdoor Buddies. Outdoor Buddies a nonprofit organization that relies on … Continue reading Preparing for a bear hunt

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Draw results posted for BEAR Colorado – 2012

Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc. Hey you all! Colorado 2012 draw results are posted for BEAR. Head over and see if you were successful. Let us know so we can firm up your spot!!! http://wildlife.state.co.us/Hunting/BigGame/DrawResultsAndPrefPoints/Pages/DrawResults_PreferencePoints.aspx Black Bear - Colorado Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc., WCO, offers private land Black Bear hunts in Southwest Colorado. The areas available … Continue reading Draw results posted for BEAR Colorado – 2012