Preparing for a bear hunt

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Many of us are preparing for our fall hunts. I am, the Little Gal is, and so is the team at Wolf Creek Outfitters, (WCO). This week we did some preparing with a new friend.

We proudly donate a hunt for one disabled hunter through Outdoor Buddies. Outdoor Buddies is a nonprofit organization that relies on volunteers to help disabled individuals and disadvantaged youth enjoy the outdoors.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for those who have been deprived of access and enjoyment of outdoor experiences through a volunteer based non-profit organization.

This year we offered an early season black bear hunt to be auctioned at their annual fund-raiser. The auction hunt donation brought money to the organization and a new friend to WCO.

We were lucky to meet with the recipient of the black bear hunt. His name is Todd, and he is not only a long-time member of Outdoor Buddies but is on their board, serves as chaplain, and spends endless time working in preparation for the organization’s annual banquet.

Mia Anstine meeting Outdoor Buddies WCO hunt recipient.
Mia Anstine meeting Outdoor Buddies WCO 2012 bear hunt recipient.

Todd is a disabled hunter who was born with Cerebral Palsy. Through the program, he has rifle-hunted antelope, deer and elk. This will be his first black bear hunt and also his first hunt via horseback.  (Keep in mind, we do have other means to get hunters to sites if a hunter can not ride a horse.) We always want to be prepared, so we and the program president arranged a meeting to meet Todd and see his capabilities and limitations.

Hank and Todd spent the morning getting to know one another and then tested out horseback riding.

Loading disabled hunter for horseback hunt
Hank practices loading Todd on the horse in preparation for his bear hunt.
Disabled hunter prepares for horseback hunt
Hank and Todd preparing for the disabled hunter’s fall bear hunt.
Hunter with cerebral palsey practices riding a horse.
Todd is excited to attempt his first Colorado bear hunt via horseback.

The horseback trials went well and Hank and Todd quickly became friends. The two discussed shooting positions and means of take for the hunt. Todd has used a rifle on previous hunts and will also use one for this hunt. He plans to hunt pronghorn next month and will, for the first time, be using a crossbow.  The pair asked, and I happily shared my TenPoint Carbon Fusion CLS with Todd for the afternoon. He practiced and became even more excited in anticipation of his 2012 hunts.

We enjoyed having the guests at the ranch in preparation, and it was a pleasure to meet a new friend. Hank and I will be working as a team to guide him. We are happy with our contribution to Outdoor Buddies and are extremely excited to help Todd on his Colorado black bear hunt.

Stay tuned!

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