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Mountain-lion-clabacitas-recipe-wild-game-field-to-forkSavory Green-Chile Mountain Lion Calabacitas Recipe

Here’s a wild spin on an old favorite Calabacitas Recipe! Have you ever had that wonderful Mexican zucchini dish? Well, it’s one of my family’s favorites and I just made it better, if you can believe it. If you’ve just started following me, you might not know that I live in Southwest Colorado with a…

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Wild-turkey-posole-Mia-Anstine-Womens-Outdoor-NewsWild Turkey Green Chile Posole

I sometimes cannot believe I shared this favorite, secret recipe with the world, but I did, and you can find it in a ‘Wild Game Potluck Recipe’ article over at Women’s Outdoor News. Give it a try and let me know how you like it.

Apple-glazed-wild-duck-over-rice-Mia-AnstineApple Glazed Duck 

I shared a WONderful Waterfowl recipe for you to try over at Women’s Outdoor News. This is a perfect dish for potlucks or dinner at home.
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Elk-burger-recipe-Mias-MotivationsRecipe – Elk Burgers

A favorite recipe. You can also substitute beef, deer or other game meat if you do not have elk available. Let me know how you like them. Ingredients: 1/2 C – diced onion 1 Tbsp – vegetable oil 1 – egg, whole large, beaten 1 tsp – dried thyme 1 tsp – dried rosemary 2…

MAC WordPress FeatureQuick and Easy Venison Tacos

Making a hearty dinner in a pinch doesn’t have to be a challenge. Just like you, we’ve been busy as can be. With school, work, hunting season, board meetings, family and everything else life throws at us, finding time to cook can be a challenge. Here’s a super easy recipe for a flavorful home-cooked meal. Venison…


Carp Recipe

We’ve been out shooting Carp with our bows and now we’ll share a recipe with you! “What to do with an arrowed carp As I mentioned, state laws vary as to what to do with an arrowed carp. In Colorado, we are able to bank our fish to feed eagles, ravens and other predators. In the past, we have also saved some for use as bait in LG’s traps. I’ve given some to friends who grind them up and use them as mulch in their gardens. AND, now, due to a friend’s challenge, we’ve had some for supper…

Apricot Glazed Duck

ducks 121210 011
When cooking duck, and most game meat, getting it skinned, cleaned and cooled down as quickly as possible is best.When you’re rinsing the breasts, make sure to feel for shot bb’s. Scrape any blood clots out and off of the breast. This recipe was adapted by my family and me from one a friend shared. Feel…

Mia Anstine black bear wp feature image mathews archeryBear Hunting & Tamales


The good news about bear hunting Posted by: Mia Anstine A successful bear hunt allows us to use traditional family recipes to prepare delicious meals. Last year, LG and I hunted black bear with Silver Fox Outfitters in High Level Canada. We had a fun, exciting and rewarding trip. Perched in the trees, LG and…

Antelope Hunting and Smothered Burritos [Video]

As always, the little gal has been super awesome and amazing. This time she displayed her greatness on her first antelope hunt where she harvested a pronghorn buck. She hunted for 9 days in 100 degree plus weather. She did a lot of spot and stalk hunting because she had her eyes on a monster…

River Guide Peach Cobbler – Dutch Oven Cooking

It’s so easy to cook in a Dutch Oven, and this is the best peach cobbler recipe from a river guide.

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