Bear Hunting & Tamales

The good news about bear hunting

Posted by: Mia Anstine

A successful bear hunt allows us to use traditional family recipes to prepare delicious meals. Last year, LG and I hunted black bear with Silver Fox Outfitters in High Level Canada. We had a fun, exciting and rewarding trip. Perched in the trees, LG and I observed several bears before we both connected with mature representations of the species. When friends asked where we’d been and what we’d done, some, who assumed you can’t eat the meat, also asked why we hunt bear.bear-hunting-recipe-talales-womens-outdoor-news

Mia & the Little Gal is sponsored by Girls With Guns Clothing

Mia & the Little Gal is sponsored by Girls With Guns Clothing

We hunt for conservation reasons, family bonding time and the aforementioned food. Bear is quite delicious and its moist meat is commonly cooked as a steak, in stews and prepared as summer sausage.

CLICK HERE for a delicious Bear Tamale Recipe

In our family, we also enjoy bear meat in tamales. Hunting can be quality time with your son or daughter, whereas making tamales provides quality time for the entire family and/or friends.


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