“Cosmetic” Surgery on Freaky

I haven’t done much writing about our hound dogs.  We have three of them and they are our hunting dogs.  They hunt mountain lions, bob cats and the like.  Bottom line, they hate cats.  They are a threesome of ferocity when it comes to their jobs.

Yesterday the pup, 1yr old Wrinkles, enjoyed a game of teasing with Fat Tire and Freaky.  The three had chew bones and the older dogs took theirs and hid them in their houses while the pup,  would carry his over toward Fat Tire and tease him with it.  He would drop it and wait for Fat Tire to come close and then growl at him.  Fat Tire being the older and of the three had no time to play Wrinkles’ game and went to take care of his own bone.  So Wrinkles took his bone over to torment Freaky.  Freaky is up for a challenge any time and the two quickly ended up in a tussle.  The pup enjoys a challenge, and of course fought back.  The fight was over quickly with Wrinkles grabbing his bone and running to his house.  Freaky smiled as he felt he’d won and scared the pup off.  Done.  Over.  …Nope!

Later, walking by the dog’s houses, Hank noticed Freaky’s lower eyelid was red and swollen.  We had a closer look and it was not only red and swollen but it had a small tear.  We debated on weather or not it was “bad”.  Was it bad enough to need a stitch.  We went back to have a closer look and decided it had torn more and was most likely going to continue.

Freaky with his torn eye.
Freaky with his torn eye.  In just moments it had torn a little further.

We loaded that lion hunting dog into the kennel and headed to town.  When we arrived at the vet, the tear on his eyelid had gone even further.

Freaky arrives at the vererinarian with an even larger tear on his eye.
Freaky arrives at the veterinarian with an even larger tear on his eye.

The tear was looking pretty jagged and Freaky wasn’t even worried about it.  He had howled on occasion the whole ride to town because you know he thought he was hunting.  He would pick up a scent and yell at us to stop & let him out.  Then to add insult to his injury, when we walked into the veterinarian’s office, there was a fluffy little house cat standing there.  Freaky looked at us as though “You’ve GOT to be kidding me, you mean you’re going to GIVE me a cat?!”  The Little Gal held on to him tight and the office worker put the kitty away.  Freaky paid close attention because he just knew he would have a chance at that cat in a minute.

The vet gave him a shot and he slowly began to relax.  He braced himself and remained alert as he could.  He tried to stand at attention incase that cat came back round the corner.  The medicine was stronger than his muscles and it took hold.

Freaky tries to stay at attention as the anesthetic takes hold.
Freaky tries to stay at attention as the anesthetic takes hold.

In just moments, Freaky was laying quietly on the table.   The vet shaved, cleaned and stitched his jagged tear.  We knew it would be tough to repair.  It was not a clean tear, and it was in a bad location.  We all decided he was going to live up to his name even more in his future days.  His eye may be a little more taught than it once was.  If you arrive at the ranch and think there’s a dog that’s winking at you, that’ll be him.  Or maybe you’ll think he’s giving you the “stink eye”.  I personally am hoping for the latter.  When he runs down a lion, he’ll surely be looking as tough as he is.

For now Freaky is wearing the infamous cone of shame and is resting with his eye intact and working on healing from his wound.  Get well soon Freaky!

Freaky wearing the cone of shame.
Freaky wearing the cone of shame.

It’s always an adventure!

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6 Replies to ““Cosmetic” Surgery on Freaky”

  1. Freaky – it’s me Willie – Man you gotta watch those other dogs..they don’t get it that we are really in charge! – Sorry you are stuck in that darn “cone of shame” – just give me woof and I’ll come chew it off for you! Get well soon, woofity woof

  2. Ok – first off the fact that you have dogs with names “Freaky”, “Wrinkles”, and my all time favorite “Fat Tire” totally rockets you up to the top of the cool kids list!
    Secondly, poor pup!! It’s always stressful when a pet is injured, even accidentally by his buddy and I’m glad he’s ok and on the mend.

    Third – can we have more stories of your cat killin’ puppies? They sound like pretty cool dogs!

  3. Willie,
    Thanks man. That’d be a great help. That pup only thinks he out smarted me. As soon as I get this dumb umbrella off my head I’ll take ‘im!

  4. They most definitely are cool dogs. It is amazing to watch them work. I would say and play, but even when they’re off playing, they think they’re working. Just like Freaky on his way to the doctors office with his half torn eye. He thought for sure he’d find a cat along the way. They’ve caught lots of lions and bobcats. Next winter I am sure I’ll be there when they corner a mountain lion for ME.

    More stories about the houuuund dogs to come.

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