LUCID Snap Rack Stocking Stuffer for Gun Owners

Like a row of dominoes, every class, conference and event seemed to be canceled this year. I shared with you that I learned how to teach virtual archery classes. (Check the sidebar for sign up information if you’re interested in taking a class.) This fall I loaded up and headed to a media event the gun owners would appreciate.

This fall I attended LUCID Optics’ Ballistics Summit at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, Nm. In conjunction with their partners, Shaw Barrels, CheyTac USA, ARMASPEC, and Mid-Evil Industries, LUCID scheduled product presentations and then gave us hands-on time at the range.

You may find stocking stuffer ideas from any of the aforementioned companies, but check out a highlight below.

In our downtime, I visited with other media professionals and chatted with them, discussing challenges our industry faces and strategies to overcome. I helped my colleagues from FMG Publications’ GUNS Magazine film a segment with a product you might like.

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Snap Rack Tool

LUCID is known for its budget-friendly optics, but it’s a little gadget in a baggie that caught my attention. Had there not been a demo, I may have missed the Snap Rack Tool.

As I filmed my editor using the tool for holding long-guns in your vehicle, he proclaimed it as “one of those ‘why didn’t I invent this?’ pieces. It’s even simple for an editor to use and seems more reliable than an anvil. At under $15 bucks, I’m hoping a couple of them show up in my Christmas stocking this year!” says Brent Wheat, editor at GUNS Magazine.

The Snap Rack attaches to the headrest in your vehicle, and with the butt-stock on the floorboard of the back seat, allows for muzzle-up orientation and secure storage while traveling. You won’t have to worry about your rifle bouncing off the back seat and knocking your LUCID scope off target.

With the rifle attached to the Snap Rack in the vehicle, there is still room for passengers to sit comfortable in the back seat. Additionally, your passengers won’t have to worry about rifles tipping over or being knocked around as your head to and from your hunting site.

There is still leg-room for passengers with the rifle attached to the Snap Rack.

“I needed a secure, out of the way storage solution for rifles in my truck, that’s how the Snap Rack came about,” said Jason Wilson, owner of LUCID.

With practice, the user will also become proficient at a safe one-handed detach when reaching for their rifle.

Practice safe gun handling, with muzzle awareness, when removing a rifle from the Snap Rack.

“It’s no surprise that it’s a popular topic of conversation during the Ballistic Summit. It’s practical for everyday use. I suspect a lot of people will get them as stockings stuffers this season” Says Wilson. 

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