Teaching a Progression of Shooting at She Never Quit

After what seems like years of being shut-down and shut-in at home I finally hit the road for a media event and then to teach at the annual Women’s Outdoor Media Association’s She Never Quit event.

Thanks to the Colorado Bowhunters Association the past four years I’ve trekked down to teach archery at the annual She Never Quit event in Texas. Each year, I’m blessed to be able to share my passions with over 50 wonderful women.

This year the event was held at the Trinity Oaks Thumbtack Ranch in Batesville, Tx. I arrived early to make sure everything would be in order for my archery range and learned that the WOMA women needed help at a rifle bay. Of course, I volunteered my services

In the mornings I taught women how to shoot the gun of the old west, the Henry Golden Boy . 22 Lever-Action Rifle. After they learned about slinging the lever, I transitioned the women to modern-day technology for precision shooting with the Finnish-made Tikka T3x 6.5 Creedmoor.

It’s always a joy to see people smile as they learn to run a lever-action and when they overtake the shooting-bay with a high caliber rifle only to hear the bang on the steel down range.

The afternoon consisted of my traditional archery class to go back even further in time and shoot arrows at bullseye and 3D targets. The best part is seeing the huge smiles from first-time shooters. I also love seeing those who’ve shot before prove that they remember what to do or tell me about the bows they’ve purchased and the hunts they’re planning.

Aside from enjoying quality time teaching women about shooting, I enjoyed early morning walks, mid-day lunch presentations, and dinner-time socializing. If you ever get the chance to attend the WOMA’s She Never Quit event, I highly recommend it.

The She Never Quit event is a fundraiser, brought to you by the Women’s Outdoor Media Association (WOMA). Proceeds support the Foundation for Women Warriors and Widows of Navy Seals. I hope to see you, or the woman in your life, at next year’s event.

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