7 Steps to Getting Outside and Living a Healthier Life

This week I’m encouraging you to get outside and strive to live a healthier life.

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7 Steps to Getting Outside and Living a Healthier Life

There is so much that I do on a regular basis to keep my mind and body healthy, and which leads to a happy or positive life. From posture to diet to the outdoors, all of it makes a difference, but today I want to focus on what God first gave us and that’s the great outdoors. We have to get outside; it’s in our nature.

1. WAKE UP (3:58)

Before we can get outside, we have to get going. How you start your day can make or break your happiness. It is a must that you start your morning in a positive way. How do you wake up? Does your alarm sound and you mumble and grumble and moan and groan? Honestly, we all have those mornings now and again, but that’s not how you want to start every day. 

Here’s how to wake up – when your alarm goes off, wake up. Wake up right away and do it with gratitude and thanks. Be thankful that you made it through the night and that you have the opportunity to give it a go again with a new day.

Is this something that you’ve been able to do with ease?

Is it something you’ve never done or considered?

What lies about a morning routine have you been told all of your life?

Today I want you to recognize how you’ve been trained to look at the alarm clock and waking up in the mornings so you can make a change.

The time that you choose to wake up may dictate the time that you get to spend outside. Some people have time to catch a fresh breath in the morning as they sip their first glass of water and others may need to wait until later in the day because it’s too chilly out, or maybe it’s dark out. This is something you’ll have to determine for yourself, but getting out there at some point during the day is key.

Now that I’m a writer, I determine my schedule, and I generally schedule going outdoors as a time when I need to clear my mind or just take a break from the computer screen and stretch my legs and my eyes.


A lot about how we feel has to do with how we treat our bodies. moving our bodies makes us happy. Struggles. Get outdoors for happiness, stimulate brain and get vitamin D. Benefits of vitamin D.

3. MAKE TIME (6:05)

Squeezing in the time to get outside. Start with five-minutes and add from there. This time doesn’t include surfing on a device. what will you do out there? I live in the country. There’s plenty to do. If you live in a more urban area, start by just being. What does this mean, “just being?” It means just be there, with no expectation. it takes practice and commitment to improve. What if it’s cold out there or the weather is bad? Room with a view. Bring the outdoors in – plants, paintings or artwork, taxidermy, things that inspire you.


Don’t be afraid to go it alone, or to take someone with you. You may want to go to a place and sit, or you may want to hike, walk or even run. While you’re out there, take the time to explore. If you’re sitting on your back patio, use your eyes to do the exploring. Look for one new thing and look for one thing that you think is beautiful. See. Learn.
If you choose to find an outdoor buddy or take someone with you, this is a time for you to build relationships. You can build relationships both with yourself and with others.
Part of being confident is the ability to handle yourself in the outdoors. Think about wearing the proper clothing, footwear, and possibly carrying something for self-defense. 

5. SELF ASSESS (9:15)

Be honest with yourself. Know what you’re capable of; what you can and cannot physically do. You don’t want to over-do things and burn yourself out. If you’re already in shape, then by all means, get after it, but if you’ve been leading a fairly sedentary life, start slow. Listen to your body and what it is telling you. If you’re mobile and on an adventure, remember that however far you go, you’re probably going to have to go at least that far to get back. If you walk down the hill, you’ll have to walk back up, or if you start early it may be blazing hot when you’re mid-way on your expedition. Make sure you stay hydrated and if you need, take a nutritions snack.

While you’re self-assessing, Think about what you’ve always wished you could do or where you could go and what you need to do to get there.

6. BE OPTIMISTIC (10:18)

Keep an optimistic attitude. The outdoors is a place for you to reconnect and to clear your mind. According to Mental Health for Colorado, the proximity to green space has been associated with lower levels of stress and a reduction of symptoms for depression and anxiety. I remember, when I used to work in the sales world and would have a particularly rough day I would take a break and head outside just to kick rocks. Yes. You heard that right. I would find pebbles or rocks in the parking lot and with a swing of the leg I’d hit them with my foot and watch them go. Sometimes they’d roll. Sometimes they’d hit a crack in the cement or asphalt and bounce. Some days I’d see if I could get one to hit a certain object in an open space.

Kicking rocks came to be a great release and wonderful therapy to get me through my days. With a wonderful deep breath, my lungs would fill with fresh air, and my mind would start to relax and think more clearly. Not only did the time to there clear my mind, but getting outdoors can improve cognition for those with attention deficits and individuals with depression.

When you take time outside, be kind to yourself. It’s a place where you don’t be too perfect. It didn’t matter if that pebble bounced or rolled. It didn’t matter if it headed towards a target or not. It just mattered that my body was moving and my lungs were being filled with air, which helped my blood pressure and made me feel better. You can do this on a park bench too. Watch the world go by, take a deep breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth, and then just be there. 

7. REFLECT (12:52)

Take the time to reflect on your outings, but by all means, be grateful for ALL of the things in your day. Think about what brings you joy, excitement and energy.
Think about what brought you where you were and make a list of the places you’d like to go.
These are things that you might want to journal about after your time outdoors, or you might simply make a list in your mind.

Empower your mind and lead yourself to health. “Imagine a therapy that had no known side effects, was readily available and could improve your cognitive functioning at zero cost.” That’s a quote from a psychology report called “The Cognitive Benefits of Interacting With Nature, in other words, “nature therapy” — or “time spent outside.”

In these seven things, I haven’t told you about where to go or the gear you may need to get there; that’s because the journey and the tools you’ll need depend on you. If you want to learn more about gear, let me know, or look around on my website. You’ll likely find a few items I’ve already shared and some that may inspire you to do more or go further. There is more to come from me, and I hope there will be more for you.

With that little seed planted, which should help lead you to a healthier life, I’ll also leave you with a quote of my own,

“One thing I’m sure of is that I was put on this earth to shine light onto others, even if it’s only with a smile.” Let’s share smiles together, and if you haven’t already, go visit miaanstine.com where you’ll find my tips, news, videos, podcasts, apparel, accessories, homemade creations, recipes, and more. Get outside, hunt, fish, shoot, and savor all that life has to offer, with others, in a positive way.

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