Learning to Reach Your Goals | Writing into 2020

Good morning cheers, my friends. Thank you for stopping by. It’s the 20th day of 2020, and I’m still working on the goal I set as part of the write everyday challenge. How are your goals or resolutions progressing?

While I have been writing every day, it looks as though I’ve missed two days here on the website. That being said, I have been writing in my journal and working on articles for publications in addition to what I share here. Yes, they too count as writing, but I also plan to double up a little while I’m here at SHOT Show (stay tuned).

What I’ve learned

  • Write more – So far I’ve learned that I can write way more than I’d ever thought possible.
  • Write anytime – I always thought that I’m a morning writer, and if my mornings were fouled up I wouldn’t be able to get my writing done. I learned that I can pump work out at any hour of the day. I only have to set the time apart to close myself off from the world and put the words on the page.
  • Write anywhere – I can write in various settings and locations. I used to have the perfect place at the bar counter at home. That’s where the words would flow freely. Then I moved to the dining table. Work and research really happened there. Next, I found a space to have my own desk at home and the writing happened there. Since I travel a lot, I’m obviously not always at these locations. I learned that I can write just about anywhere. — Side note: My favorite location so far is in front of the fireplace in the lobby at the Strater Hotel in Durango, Co. at 4:00 am.
  • Write anything – As writers, we’re always told, “Writers write.” It’s true, and I’ve learned that the more I write, the more I write. In other words, the more I write, the more excited my mind is and the more the words flow onto the page. The more I write, the more aligned my thoughts become and the more the ideas surface. The storylines are endless.
  • Write idealists – I’ve also learned that in addition to writing my blogs, articles and thoughts, I have to keep an idealist because they’ll get lost in the universe if I don’t put them on a page. I have a designated spot for these and will be referring back to the list in the future as well as adding to the list regularly.
  • Writers write – The bottom line is when all of the writers’ tip sites, articles, and teachers tell you to “just write,” they really mean it.

How to Reach Your Goals

To translate the “just write” tip into a tip for everyday life, you can look back to the famous Michael Jordan tip and “Just Do It.” If you’re struggling with your goals or resolutions, look at them, write them down, and then just do it. You may need to restart every day. If that’s the case, then look at the goal and do something today to get there.

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