Keep Your Marijuana, I’ll Keep My Guns – Gun Grab

I shared an article about marijuana and guns to my social media outlets this morning and it’s got a lot of friends, who are proponents and not, in an uproar.

Mia Anstine – Holy Smokes (pun intended)! What do you think now? It’s not a worry I have, but to those of you who support the green stuff, this is serious. Colorado friends should read this too.


While I’m not a marijuana user, I do know plenty of Coloradoans and other state’s residents who are. The conflicting opinions regarding the green issue are as fierce as those between Liberals and Conservatives.

I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and safe responsible gun ownership, and I actively speak in support of it. I do my part at the voting polls for and/or against both the green and the guns. When I saw that the marijuana issue is going to affect people’s Second Amendment rights, I had to interject, share, and ask for thoughts.

I’m not so sure that a marijuana user shouldn’t have a gun, just as I’m not so sure an alcohol user shouldn’t have a gun. How does the city draw the line?

What do you think? While marijuana isn’t legal on a Federal level, yet, this is actually not even a Hawaii state issue. It’s the city of Honolulu. I’d like to know where you weigh in. No matter whether you’re a marijuana advocate or not, do you think they should be allowed to take your guns?

Here are some thoughts shared by my followers on my Facebook page.

“Part of the reason I left Hawaii 22 years ago . Not very happy with legalization in Colorado . But Hawaii has turned into a police state.”

“While that sucks for stoners, many accepted it. Because they could still keep the guns and ammo they already possessed. They just couldn’t buy new ones.

But that’s no longer the case for some Hawaiians. Thanks to gun registration, the state knows exactly who has what and where they live. For the unlucky few, resistance is futile.”
That’s been the end goal. Each piece of legislation is advertised as not being so bad, but when they are used in concert they become very bad. Gun control advocate say registration isn’t so bad, they don’t want to take away guns, they just want to keep track of them. They push for bans on just *some* guns, not *all* guns, what’s the big deal? Bans and registration are used in concert to systematically take guns out of possession and circulation. They don’t even need to send the police out to take it away, they just have them send you a letter like this. Or any other agency, for that matter. Whenever you need to renew your driver’s license, pay your taxes, enroll your kids in school, file for disability, or get a house, they’ll have a red flag to halt until you’ve complied.”

“I’m not a fan of marijuana personally, but (1) if it’s gonna be legal, it needs to be regulated the same as alcohol and (2) when has anyone stoned ever done anything violent?”

“Actually, illegal growers and seller have killed other to to protect their property or to rob others of theirs.”

“if you fill out the document in colorado it asks if you use pot. if you do and lie there could be ramifications.”

” I would agree with it.”

“This is a city, not a state or federal government. Under the medical marijuana users, may disqualified you do to a mental illness. Not all uses, but some are.”

“That is probably a legitimate concern but I’m not sure something like that would stand up in court. If it did anyone who has sought treatment for addictions or health purposes should be concerned.”


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