Becoming a Hunting Mentor — Twenty Minutes Changes Everything

In yesterday’s mentoring/giveaway post I mentioned the five stages of hunting, plus an added number six — The Sportsman Mentor stage. The story below, shared by my friend Kevin, shows how someone became a sportsman mentor, and he thinks it’s all about how someone became a hunter. It tells why the sixth stage of hunting is so rewarding. Become a mentor!

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Twenty Minutes Changes Everything

The shot rang out on the range. His eyes looked up at me as if I’d stolen the last Birthday Cake Oreo. It was one of those looks a father gets when his kid is both shocked and dumbfounded. He didn’t expect the loud boom of the gun, but after I yelled, “HIT,” he accepted the outcome with open arms. For a dad, I’m not sure who is more excited about a child’s first deer hunt? As I type this, it’s clear this was his show, and I was just along for the ride.

This was the first time my oldest had shot his T/C Venture Compact. I selected the Compact for him because the fit is excellent, and the 22-250 is one of my favorite calibers for deer. The only optic I had for the gun was an old Bushnell Elite Tactical that didn’t have a rifle match. It’s your standard 3X12 optic, but he loves it because of the cool CERAKOTE finish.

I could tell he was a bit nervous before pulling the trigger, so we…

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