A Few Pre-Season Crossbow Tips from TenPoint

TenPoint_ACTPEN_Header1Proper shooting technique is critical to shooting a crossbow straight. After you have performed any needed maintenance, be sure to spend some time shooting the bow. Practice enough to regain your proficiency from last year. If you expect to make a good shot with little or no practice, you are inviting disappointment. 

  • Plant food plots.
  • Check. Set up stand. Check.
  • Buy license and tags. Check.

You’ve been checking items off your list for weeks now and are primed and ready for the season. Before entering your tree stand or ground blind on opening day, though, we’ve got a few pointers to ensure that nothing goes wrong when that trophy buck shows up in your sights.

Inspect all of your equipment.

Thoroughly check your crossbow for any missing, loose, or damaged parts. Don’t forget to check your scope battery. Inspect all accessories, and ensure that your arrows are straight.

Service your equipment.

It is not enough just to inspect your equipment. Clean the bow, lubricate it, wax your string, tighten all bolts, zero your sights, and shoot the bow enough times to be confident it is in good working order. If your equipment needs service, get it to your dealer or manufacturer well before the start of the season to make sure you will have it when you need it.

Review and practice your shooting technique.

Now that you have checked your equipment, tightened all you screws and bolts, and dialed- in your bow, sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the summer…maybe even do some fishing!
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