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It doesn’t look like wintertime in my neck of the woods, but lots of friends are sharing pictures of their frozen faces in snowstorms, blizzards, and the frigid cold. During the past six months, I’ve used a skincare line that has helped combat the elements and keep my face from becoming chapped.

I wrote about my experience with Cammi and Company’s products last fall. While I can’t wear them on my elk and deer hunts, I most definitely will put them on when scent isn’t an issue. I wear the all natural creams while I’m fixing fence, working on the tractor, breaking ice, pursuing waterfowl, or on upcoming turkey hunts.

Today Cammi has released the news that she’s having a half-off sale. Click the link below to be taken to her store.

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Dry Winter Skin is no match;
that’s what we were made for!

Why does it feel like, almost overnight, your face isn’t your own? All of a sudden you’re dealing with insanely dry skin, which, aside from being annoying, causes your makeup to flake off and kills any remainders of that dewy summer glow. Truth be told, your go-to skincare ritual just won’t cut it.

Whether you’re a product junkie or a wash-and-go kind of girl, here are 3 outdoor skin care products that will keep you looking your best all winter.

X-treme Cream –

The outdoors can be extremely parching, and unforgiving to our skin; this is the perfect moisturizer for any skin – lips, chapped cheeks, dry hands, cracked feet, and the entire body. If you live outside, or you live where the climate is dry this is what your skin is thirsty for.

This USDA certified organic, “super thick enough”, versatile Cream is a great moisturizer for the entire body, head to toe, and will leave skin and hair soft and supple without feeling greasy or weighed down.  No matter what adventure you are on this is the cream you need, it is great for after a day in the sun, wind, or snow and water reflection. It is great for dry skin in the winter, or a bike ride in the desert, a day in a boat, or a hike up a trail.  We love it every season of the year. Let it sit for 5 minutes and you will see and the benefits in your skin. Also good for dry nail beds, cuticles your hair and any area that needs some TLC after you abuse your body.  We love using it a few minutes before going to bed, wake up with youthful, happy skin. Perfect for expecting mamas bellies too. SCENT FREE.


Conqueror Cream-

TINT and NATURAL SPF – This day cream is the ideal facial moisturizer and shelter for your skin. This luscious cream is a windbreaker and shield from the sun and snow and water reflection too. Conqueror Cream can be used alone if you want with a slight natural tint it can be all you wear from the trail to town, or it’s also a great primer. Perfect for whatever adventure your day brings.

Winks + Kisses –

Attack wrinkles and dry cracked lips. This is the favorite cream for women that want to stay youthful and keep their eyes bright, and line free. We all love being outside, but it can take a toll on our skin. This moisturizing and nourishing cream is rich in Pumpkin, Marula, and Baobab oils to help keep delicate skin around eyes and on lips looking, bright, healthy and the best benefit is this butter keeps you looking youthful.  Although this was formulated for fine lines around Lips and Eyes,  it should be used as an extra anti-aging rich moisturizing boost all over! ( Great for the skin under your nose, when you’re wiping your nose on your glove.) To pretty winks + kisses! THIS IS SCENT FREE.



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