Skin Care, Dry Shower, and Warmth for Outdoor Lovers

I love spending time outdoors, and it shows all over my face. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, your skin might also show signs of sun damage. I remember back in the day when my friends and I would slather up with whatever sort of oil we could find. We’d lay in the sun until I turned into a deep chocolate brown, and most of them turned to lobster-red. HAH! Those were the days.

Those were the days when we didn’t think about what the sun was doing to destroy our skin. Now we pay attention much more closely. I wear hats and long sleeves to protect myself, but I also look for things to bring back the health of my skin.

Cammi from Ballek Outdoors recently sent a line of products for me to test. The line-up included X-TREME CREAMMOUNTAIN MUD MASQUE, CONQUEROR CREAM, WINKS + KISSES EYE + LIP CREAM, BALLECK DRY SHOWER, BALLECK GUNK OFF, and BALLECK WILDERNESS WARMTH.

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These organic products, which were lab tested by Mossy Oak, are healthy for my (and your) skin. Did you see that name there, “Mossy Oak?” When I saw the MO label on top of the containers, I immediately thought these were scent-free products designed for hunters. I eagerly opened them and slathered some on the inside of my arm. You know, to test for allergies before I put them all over my face.

The first thing I noticed is that the Conqueror Cream product definitely had a scent. It’s also tinted. After using it on a test spot, I put it on my face. It glides on smooth, but the tint makes my dark complexion a bit of a dark red/bruised color. The tint’s not for me. I dove into the other products.

I opened and sniffed the other jars. They too have an aroma. “Not scent free?” you ask. No. While no perfumes are added, these are not scent free. They are products designed for the outdoor lover but not necessarily the hunter. However, (you know, there’s always a big BUT somewhere) though I wasn’t able to use these during deer, elk, antelope, or bear hunting, I am using them during waterfowl, upland, and trapping endeavors.

The products are jam-packed full of natural nutrition for the skin. I’ve enjoyed slathering the mud-masque over my face after a day in the sun, wind, and other elements. It nourishes my skin and truly makes it feel more soft and supple. Another plus is that the XTreme Cream is great as a night cream. Additionally, it helps prevent cracking and splitting if you apply it to your cuticle beds.

Two products I did use during my big game pursuits are the Dry-Shower and Wilderness Warmth. The dry-shower is a great way to freshen up while spending multiple days in the outdoors. Simply sprinkle it on your scalp and use your fingers to comb it through your hair. You can also apply it your armpits and other areas that tend to perspire.

The Wilderness Warmth does have an evergreen scent. I’m not sure yet if the ungulates adore or detest the scent. During my quests to get close to game I play the wind as much as I can. I went ahead and used the warming powder and it definitely provides some heat to those appendages that first suffer from a chill. Sprinkle the powder on your socks or gloves and feel the warmth when you put them on.

Tell me, what scent free products have you tried that you recommend? How about products for freshening up when you spend long periods in the outdoors? Do you have any suggestions? I’d like to hear them.

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  1. Might have to pick up some dry shower for elk camp later this month. Last year it was too cold to set up the solar shower. 6 days with only sponge baths… no bueno 🙁

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