On the First Day of Christmas – Gift Idea

I’ve been diligently working on my Christmas gift list and in the process striving to give you some ideas too.

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About the “On the First Day of Christmas” headline. I’m not a fan of the commercialization of the Christmas season, but this year I happen to have given my husband a gift on this first day of December. I gave it to him because the season is unseasonably warm in our neck of the woods, and he’s out in the reloading room working away.

No, I didn’t buy him a heater, but you just gave me another idea to add to my gift list. Thank you!

H is a music junkie. He likes to rock out while he works. He has Skull Candy blue tooth earbuds which work well. They come in handy while you’re out fixing fence or doing chores, but if you’re anything like him, you know those get annoying to the ears sometimes. That’s why I ordered him a Bluetooth speaker.

He’s already got drywall mud all over it.

I found the SoundPEATS Bluetooth portable wireless speaker listed on the homepage at Amazon on Cyber Monday. While I didn’t specifically do shopping that day, H needed a new speaker as his old one had kicked the bucket. Honestly, the old one didn’t ever work well and was put to rest early. I hoped to do better with this new SoundPEATS thing.

The SoundPEATS speaker is waterproof so that’s a plus. It says it’s durable. <CHING!> That’s another plus on the list. The Cyber Monday price? Well, it was a “lightning deal” so how could I go wrong? Honestly, at $29.99 this speaker is a little more pricey than the last, but you do remember I said it kicked the bucket early, right?

I’m a long time proponent of the “you get what you pay for” saying. This one has a regular price of $35.99, and I think it could be a great deal.

When H opened the box and pulled the speaker out, he smiled. The speaker feels durable in the hand, not cheap and plasticky. It’ ships fully charged from the factory, so he linked to it and tested it out right away.

The sound! That’s the good news. This speaker has a great tone. That’s the important part, right? Now I hear Offspring blaring from the reloading room, and according to the instructions, the charge should last up to ten hours. WOOHOO! He should be getting plenty done out there.

Hop over to my Affiliate page and check it out. Are there any ideas you’d like to see added? Do you have any questions on some that are already on there? Let me know, what’s on your must-have list, or your gift giving list?


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  1. The Mountains are Calling t-shirts are awesome! I absolutely LOVE mine! Fits well, washes well, and reminds me of the importance of getting out there…

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