Get Outside for National Hunting and Fishing Day

It’s National Hunting and Fishing Day. Will you be headed outside? Who will you be with, and what will you be up to? Today is about connecting to the outdoors, traditions, education, and conservation and sharing it with others. What more could you ask for?

I wanted to share a fun two-day hunt for this great day with you. My husband and I were invited to hunt antelope on a private ranch in Eastern Colorado. Since we live six hours away, there’s never enough time to scout. Watch the video below as the landowner’s son shows us the property boundaries, where the antelope traditionally travel, and gives us a general low-down on what our hunt will be.

This young man is learning about wildlife and gaining a connection to the outdoors. Many youngsters never get this opportunity, and some don’t even notice the wild things around them. Today, as you head out, look around. Notice the squirrels, chipmunks, and birds you pass along the way. You say you don’t want to hunt or fish? How about looking at the plants. Did you notice the flowers growing along the sidewalk as you head into the coffee shop? Tell me what you see that you’ve never noticed before.

This is an archery hunt. That means it’s all about getting up close and personal. We bought a Montana Big Red Moo Cow Decoy we purchased long ago and you’ll see why it came in handy. What decoys do you use during your hunts? Getting close to animals is a challenge, in some cases a thrill, and definitely part of why I enjoy the hunt. Regardless of whether an animal is taken or not, the journey is always the best part.

Tell me, what is your favorite part of the hunt?


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