Latest #GunVote – Cheryl Todd Shares the #DCProject at the WON

For my friends who don’t know, I strive to protect and preserve the country our forefathers created. I do that in part by sharing events, advice, and knowledge with others. One outlet, which I currently use is at Women’s Outdoor News where I commentate a #GunVote series, sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

The #GunVote initiative is brought to you by the NSSF to entice everyone to get registered, get educated and go vote. You can see the latest in my series below.

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Women's Outdoor News

#GunVote – Cheryl Todd Shares the #DCProject

Mia Anstine talks with Cheryl Todd about her trip to D.C. with the ladies of the DC Project. Sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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