Family Fun Between Hunting Seasons

It is in between hunting seasons in Colorado and today was a holiday. It isn’t often that you get the three of us together with “nothing” to do, but today seemed to be a day for Hank, Mia and the Little Gal. We did some chores and then took the opportunity to spend some quality family time together. What defines family time at your house? Well, at our house it, of course, involves something that shoots. Today: Shotguns were the definition of Family Fun.

We loaded up in the little truck with clays, shells and our shotguns. We headed out back to practice something we all need to work on, shooting clays.

“Spend more time with your family and friends, whether it be outside, hunting, at the shooting range or around the table, savoring all life has to offer.” M

The Little Gal shoots clays
The Little Gal blasts some clays.

The Little Gal has her very own special gun. It is a Remington 870 youth model. It is a 2o gauge pump action. It is just her size, so it is her “favorite.” She did very well learning to swing and lead the clay as it flew, but we primarily worked with her on safety because it is so important to make healthy habits become second nature. She knows when she is safe we ALL have more fun!

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I worked on form and my swing because I tend to line things out, point and shoot. That means I, of course, MISS. I continued to struggle in this area but have resolved to practice more so it will become more natural to me.Mia Anstine practices shooting clays

After some practicing, Hank and I took to our usual competition. I generally win (at least the last three competitions were won by MIA). Today, I was obviously over thinking and trying way too hard. Hank whooped me hands down. I demand a rematch!

Hank Anstine whoops up on Mia shooting skeet
Daisy says “Every dog has it’s day” as Hank whoops up on Mia shooting clays. (I just love how she’s always on my side! hah!!)

Today was a lot of fun and most of all; it was good quality time with the family! The day was a BLAST, to say the least! I love family time!

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