Congresswoman Boebert Hears Rural Coloradans Concerns

This month, I met with Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert to discuss agricultural producers’ concerns about wolves in colorado. A ballot measure for wolf introduction into Colorado won by less than a percentage of votes (the majority from front-range residents). Therefore, there is no choice other than to have wolves on Colorado’s Western Slope ground by January 1, 2023.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has been working diligently to determine the best logistics for the wolf; for example:
▪️ Where is the best location in the state to place wolves?
▪️ How many wolves will they acquire?
▪️ Where will they get more than $6 million in needed funding for the wolf introduction?
▪️ And MORE!
There are a lot of questions for what will be the fastest wildlife introduction in the state’s history; for example, the department worked on research for 15-years before introducing the Shiras Moose.

Congresswoman Boebert has worked diligently to stay in touch with her Coloradans and serve their needs as best she can. To better understand the logistics of what is happening in Colorado, she visits with her constituents.

Due to arising health restrictions among area ranchers and weather concerns, we agreed to meet at one of my ranches where we would have access to a meeting space, and Congresswoman Boebert and her staff brought other agriculture community members in via Zoom.

With the Congresswoman’s arrival, we had a few minutes to discuss other concerning issues. We reminisced about the Second Amendment Caucus, where she hosted a few women from the DC Project.

Once our official meeting began, we discussed anti-agriculture bills that lawmakers may submit in Colorado’s coming legislative session. Next, we discussed how our state would identify and fund agriculture loss due to an apex predator in Colorado. Finally, we shared ideas regarding the 20-year drought in Colorado and the water shortage that our state’s ever-growing population is experiencing. Our Congresswoman must know about state-level issues because they’re occurring around the nation.

As I walked Congresswoman Boebert to her vehicle, we discussed the proximity of my ranch, some 30 minutes from the nearest police department; I mentioned the safety concerns of rural Americans. Many people in her district voted for Boebert because she promises to protect our right to bear arms.

“The Freedom Caucus, more than any other group in Washington, leads on the issues. I’m proud to fight alongside my colleagues to protect your rights, especially your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms,” says Congresswoman Boebert. “As the Co-Chair of the Second Amendment Caucus, I’m advancing legislation, filing amicus briefs, and chairing study committees all with the sole purpose of ensuring every American has the uninhibited right to own and carry a firearm.” She and the Freedom Caucus are working diligently to oppose any legislation that may infringe on our means to own and carry firearms.

I look forward to coming together with my Congresswoman and other legislators in DC again in the spring of 2022, where Boebert hopes to host DC Project delegates from every state. I’m also optimistic that our lawmakers will consider not just the population centers but their entire districts when they’re considering new legislation.

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