Hard Work Leads to LG’s Success on a New Zealand Red Stag Hunt

We’re back from our New Zealand red stag and bull tahr hunt. We had the adventure of a lifetime and hope you’ll be inspired by our tips and tales. Here is the story of Lea’s stag. Keep an eye out here and at the WON for more!

Report from New Zealand: Hard Work Leads to LG’s Success on a Red Stag Hunt

Mia Anstine reports from New Zealand, where she is currently hunting. We thought you’d like this recent account of the LG’s red stag hunt.

The Little Gal (LG) and I have dreamt of chasing red deer stags for quite a long time. We met a friend a few years back, who happens to be a New Zealand outfitter. Each time we saw him, we’d inundate him with questions. We wanted to know all about the hunt and began formulating a plan. As we learned more we established clarity. We would be chasing stags, with bows, during the roar.

Mia & the Little Gal is sponsored by Girls With Guns Clothing
Mia & the Little Gal is sponsored by Girls With Guns Clothing

Jason Kidd, of New Zealand Custom Outfitters, was fabulous to work with. Our plan became defined and before we knew it we made the arduous flight to the other side of the world.

New Zealand is comprised of two islands, North Island and South Island. We arrived in Christchurch, loaded our gear into the vehicle and headed a few hours south. After a day of recuperation from the arduous flight, we made our way up the mountains to what would be base camp for the next 5 days.

Mia-LG-guide-NZ-Womens-Outdoor-News (Hank Anstine photo)

It can be hit or miss to plan a hunt during a certain phase of an animal’s rutting cycle. Although we truly wanted to hunt during the roar, there were no guarantees. We were happy to learn the beasts had just fired up. Our guide chuckled as he attempted to teach us to roar. We had little understanding because we had never actually heard a real stag.

Our first morning on the mountain deep guttural growls cut through the mist. We’ve heard plenty of bull elk bugle, growl and chuckle. They’re nothing like the sound of a stag roar. Our eyes lit up and the hunt was on.


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