#TbT: Predator Management Tips and Turkey Hunting

#TbT: Predator Management Tips and Turkey Hunting

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Last year the Little Gal (LG) and I gave you a report called The Little Gal Becomes a Trapper, in which, she decided to do some wildlife management via trapping. Years ago, there were larger flocks of turkeys in the area. Over time they had slowly disappeared. LG spoke with a biologist from the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and got some ideas for wildlife management. She realized the increasing numbers of predators in our area were eradicating the flocks of turkey.

Little_Gal_becomes_a_trapper_WONLG wants to be a wildlife biologist herself, so she put plenty of thought into what she might do to help keep the balance of wildlife on the property. She decided the best thing to do was to take up trapping. She studied the hills, fields and brush to locate good positions for her live traps. In her 2012 trapping efforts, she finished the season with six fox and five raccoon. She was proud that she had captured so many turkey killers and even more pleased when she saw the flocks of wild turkey returning to the area.

When the next trapping season came around, LG decided to give trapping another try. She saved up some money, bought a few new traps and then scouted out additional locations. This winter she trapped two raccoon, a fox and FOURTEEN skunks! That’s a lot of turkey killers. Needless to say, throughout this past winter, we were happy as we witnessed even larger flocks of turkey in the area.

With trapping season closed, we are now preparing for the upcoming turkey hunting season. LG is proud that she has increased the number of birds on the property without wiping out the predators. She knows this because she is not only seeing predator tracks (CLICK HERE to read more)


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