Close Encounter with a Mule Deer

A friend shared this great story, from Cody Robins of Live2Hunt TV, about a close encounter in the darkness. He asked if anyone else had a similar experience. As a matter of fact, I have. It’s a cute little story and a bit funny. I wish I had a great pic, like the Cody, in the ”Deer Hunter Gets A Surprise When Checking His Trail Camera in the Dark!,” over at Whitetail Overload.


Hence I do not have that kind of wonderful pic, I’ll try to paint the picture myself. Here goes…

That’s super cool! And, yes. I have had a similar situation, although not in the dark.

In August I was out back by our horse arena, shooting prairie dogs. I stood at the corner of the arena waiting for one to come up. From my right I heard footsteps. I thought “Uh-oh. Rudy’s found me.” That’s our Emu who tends to foil many of my “hunts” with his curiosity.I didn’t move. I looked from the corner of my eye, I glanced and saw a golden tan figure moving toward me.

My next consideration was “I thought H took that baby colt to the trainer.” Then “My he’s gotten friendly.” By then, the object was moving closer, and before I knew it, 5 feet in front of me!

I remained frozen. I knew I couldn’t react quick enough, or motionless enough, to get my camera out. It was a young buck, RIGHT THERE, IN FRONT OF ME!

About the same time, he realized I was there. I scared the bejeezers out of him and he jumped to the side about a foot. Then he hurried the rest of the way across the pasture. It was pretty comical. He never ran, and I never moved. I just stood in awe at how he never saw me until the last second… Never happens when it’s deer season!


Here are a couple of last minute pics I snapped, with my phone, as the little dude left the field.

Here’s another tale of buck encounters at the trail camera. This one a fellow, friend shared in the comment section on the same post.

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