Should I be sad – Looking at search engine terms

Sometimes you just gotta have fun with things…..

Do you happen to have a blog? Do you ever look to see what search engine terms people type in that refer them to your site? Well I just did, and I am appalled. The top referer today is “who is the older dark haired lady hunter on tv”.


Am I “older”? Well, maybe.

Yes. I am dark-haired.

Yes. I am a lady hunter.

Nope. I’m not on TV. Well, I was on Cam&Co. Last year with the Women’s Outdoor News. 

Hank and I are now laughing out loud because that is a first, and we are always bickering about age. He is older than me…. Barely, but older is older right?!

Well, I guess I better write another post about being ”  pleased and especially impressed that I didn’t look like a black-haired wild lion afterward.” These words are what were picked up by someones search. They are referring to a post I added a while back about scent free products by HerCAMOShop. Read the post here.

Gotta love it! Coming from someone who looks like a dark-haired, older, lion, huntress. HAH!!! Now… To get on TV!

Here I am, a huntress, dark haired and looking like a lion.
Here I am, a huntress, dark-haired and looking like a lion.

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  1. I LOVE rhe questions in the search engines. I had 1 a couple years ago I’m paraphrasing but the gist of it was “Does my husband love his bow more than me” I showed my wife…she said to me “I don’t want you to answer that!”

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