Mia Anstine Interview at My Gun Culture

Any of you who follow me know I have been happy and proud to mentor other women and children in the outdoors as well as shooting. Recently I was approached by Tom of My Gun Culture with a few questions about little ole me.

How To Stare A Bull Elk Into Your Freezer: Our Interview With Huntress Mia Anstine

March 30, 2012 By 

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing not just an interesting “gun person” but an exceptionally busy one as well.

Meet Mia Anstine – ~~~~~~~~~~~

To learn a little more about me click the link and head over to the post at My Gun Culture: http://mygunculture.com/2012/03/30/how-to-stare-a-bull-elk-into-your-freezer-our-interview-with-huntress-mia-anstine/

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  1. Great job Mee-uh!!!!!!!!!! =D
    Just like i figured! ; )
    Kudos to you for putting yourself out there and doing what you believe, i admire you for that!

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