Bringing My Good Luck

We saddled our horses today to go bear hunting.  We know that we do have an advantage not only with the speed of getting to our hole, but also with the sound of the horses hooves versus the sound of our hunting boots and our scent on the ground.  Today we had Lea with us.  I thought I would bring her along for good luck.  It is always a good thing to get the children involved in the out doors.

We rode up the trail toward our water hole.  Along the way we saw plenty of bear sign, or as many prefer to call it, scat!  Hank & Lea played with the ripened acorns along the way.  They tossed them at each other and snickered quietly.  I kept wishing they would stay quiet.  As we got closer to the hole, I pulled my rifle from my scabbard and prepared myself for a quick dismount in the event that one happened to be swimming and we jumped him.  We stopped and I told them to keep and eye out for any bears as we rode out of the trees.

We slowly proceeded forward on our horses.  Then behind me, I heard Lea making all kinds of racket.  I thought to my self “Dang it!  You guys quit goofing around and pay attention” as I scanned the pond for movement.  That is when Lea got louder.  She was whispering as loudly as she could “Mom! A bear!  A bear!  A bear!”  I realized what she was doing, and she was not goofing around tossing acorns.  I saw the bear who heard her just at the same time I had.  He was out in the meadow but headed to the brush when he heard what she had said.  I dropped my reins and jumped from my horse.  I knelt on one knee to brace myself and looked for the shot as he darted into the oak brush and out of sight before I even had a chance. 

Dang!  I missed my chance!  That was a beautiful cinnamon bear.  He was just what I had been hoping for, and I missed my chance at him.  All is well.  We will hunt more this afternoon.  We left that pond to lie since it was quite and excitement to hear him crashing through the oak brush.  He was a good size bear.  We could see his back as he made his way through the thickness, up the hill and out of sight. 

My little good luck charm sure was one!  She spotted that bear right off and even tried to quietly tell me.  I think I will bring her along again for an evening adventure.  We were so happy to finally have seen one that was a descent size and a cinnamon to boot.  More hunting this evening!

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  1. That sounded like it was a great hunt ! Taking the kids to the Outdoors to share your experience of a hunt that you and the kids will never forget. Its not always about bringing home the Game but the memories that will last a life time.

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